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CRM System for sales. 15 best CRM systems for your business

What is a CRM?

CRM system essentially provides a central place where businesses can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers, helping the business to grow.

We are using Pipedrive for all our sales processes. It is easy to install, integrate with different services and start working right away. It took us 30 minutes to get basic setup and 30 minutes more to Integrate with a couple of third-party services.

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Sales documents that close

We are using PandaDoc in our day to day work. It allowed us to reduce time for paperwork and increasy our Sales Team performance. We are also using Pipedrive as a Customer Relationship Management System and integration with PandaDoc make it easy to track deal status, see all attached documents, their status and statistics on views. It is very powerful set of instruments to use in your Sales Department.

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How to create your own token and start ICO

I wondering how many information on blockchain on the Internet you can find and how many of this information is really useless, especially when it is all about technical aspects. Will try to solve this problem in a series of articles and will start from this one. Pretty sure it’s a hot topic.

So, what I going to do is to provide step by step guide how to create your own token and start selling it on “Initial Coin Offering” event in the Ethereum Network. For this, I deployed two different smart-contracts to test Ethereum Network – first one for creating a new token and second one for “ICO”. I used standard contracts from the official site and changed it a bit to cover my needs. So, how it works step by step.

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Blockchain or Decentralized Applications

Blockchain – shared, single source of truth. Blockchain technology made decentralized consensus possible and also solved Byzantine Generals problem.

So, what blockchain exactly is? The blockchain is massively replicated database of all transactions in the network. If your application needs some feature that requires everyone else to agree on something – the blockchain just made for you. The blockchain is an immutable record that every node has a copy of.

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React.js – component lifecycle

The React development team provides a series of hooks we can tap into at each phase of the life cycle. These method hooks inform us of where the Component is in the life cycle and what we can and cannot do.

Each React.js component have three main parts of their life, called lifecycle. And each part have the magic function (callbacks) which will be called when their time will come.

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