Automated Risk Management Tool (DeARM), Anti-money Laundering, Fraud Management


Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Web Services for Insurance Sector


Real time transactions monitor, Transaction Monitoring Mechanisms & Transaction Risk Analysis


Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Internet Shops, WooCommerce, Prestoshop, Shopify

Making The Web a Better Place

Global Future Solutions has over 100 full-time engineers with varying levels of seniority and skills

Every engineer at Global Future Solution has a minimum of three years of experience, and most have advanced technical degrees. Not only our engineers possess strong technical abilities, but they are also innovators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. We make sure our developers have the necessary communication skills to perform day to day work with our clients.

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Experience in software development

E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Finances

We have a huge experience in software development for different domains such as E-commerce, Banking, Insurance, Finances, which we means that we can take care and cover all known risks for you project and deliver it successfully and in timely manner.


Developers in different branches

Backend/frontend developers for web projects, Mobile and Desktop Applications developers

We have developers in different branches - backend/frontend developers for web projects, Mobile developers for both platforms (Android and iOS) and we Desktop Applications developers which means that you can get everything you need to finish your project in one place and you won’t struggle anymore to find a fit for your project, we will take care about it for you.


Detailed scheme of the project

Get detailed technical specification with all data-flows and UX suggestions for UI

On first stage of the project you will work together with our development team alongside with Project Manager on detailed block-scheme describing all business logic of future application. As result you will take part in developing your project and will get detailed technical specification with all data-flows and UX suggestions for UI. After that we will provide accurate estimation based on block-scheme, which means that you will know how much efforts it cost, when the project will be delivered (and why) and also you will be sure that we are on right track.


Personal Project Manager

How awesome it is to have responsible person on call

We will provide you with a personal Project Manager, which will make sure that project delivered on time and report progress to you. It is mean, that you will be updated about progress on your project and will be able to communicate with development team effectively and one more good thing - it is completely free of charge for you.


Diverse tech stack to match your needs

Whether you need a developer to support your existing team, or an entire team, we can help you. By choosing us, you can be sure that your outsourced team is committed to the project and your business will receive a high quality product that is delivered as agreed.

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Design the Web in Your Image

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After project is finished – Quality Assurance Specialist will be assigned to your project to make sure that projects meet all requirements. It means that we make sure that you will get quality software which corresponds to your exact needs.

We are working in fully Agile development process, which means that we are ready for scope changes during the project and fast tasks prioritization in a development progress, which means that you can align software development with your business needs.

We have experienced In-House Designers. They could create designs for you or they could be a representative of your designing team and help developers with provided designs. It is means that all your graphics in safe hands and the end product will looks exactly like in designs.

Our experienced software architect approves all architecture decisions made by developers. What is it means for you? It means that there won’t be a dumb decisions and that every smart decision will be approved by a third person which reduce an error chance.

How The Development Process Built

Make a Prototype

Get a detailed block-scheme describing all business logic of future application


Our in-hause designer will help to create a clickable prototypes

Agile Development

We are working in fully Agile development process

Quality Assurance

QA Specialist will be assigned to your project to make sure that projects meet all requirements

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As of November 16, 2022, SIA "Global Future Solutions" has concluded contract no. SKV-L-2022/526 with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia for receiving support within the framework of the "Promotion of International Competitiveness" measure, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.