CRM System for sales. 15 best CRM systems for your business

What is a CRM?

CRM system essentially provides a central place where businesses can store customer and prospect data, track customer interactions, and share this information with colleagues. It allows businesses to manage relationships with customers, helping the business to grow.

We are using Pipedrive for all our sales processes. It is easy to install, integrate with different services and start working right away. It took us 30 minutes to get basic setup and 30 minutes more to Integrate with a couple of third-party services.

What makes pipedrive different?

  1. Visual sales. pipeline Rich visual indicators show you where to focus and what actions are needed to close more sales.
  2. Follow up consistently. Nothing falls through the cracks with our activity reminder emails, mobile notifications and alerts.
  3. Send, receive and track emails. Handle all your sales conversations in one place; see who opened your emails and save time with using templates.
  4. Top-rated iOS and Android apps. Our apps let you log calls made to your sales contacts and see where they are in the neighbourhood.
  5. Easy to set up. Pipedrive is rated the easiest sales tool to implement by the leading software review site, G2Crowd.
  6. Customize everything. From pipeline stages to custom fields, set Pipedrive up to fit your sales process, not the other way around.

They are also have a nice pricing table where you can compare it with others:

What are the 15 best CRM systems for your business?

  1. Pipedrive – has been designed by experienced web app developers and sales professionals. It organizes your business leads in a tidy manner which should give you a very good overview of your sales and enable you to concentrate on important deals.
  2. Salesforce CRM – popular CRM product from the Salesforce stable that includes separate solutions for community cloud, service, marketing, and analytics.
  3. Hubspot CRM – simple and free solution that allows sales teams to use their existing workflow without much changes to get started quickly. It is an ideal system both for new users as well as experienced companies that want to maximize the potential of their existing CRM systems.
  4. Freshsales – is a sales CRM software system for business built for your sales team to effectively reach out to each of your leads while equipped with an informed call-to-action and complete context about your customers. With one of its main features on streamlining lead management, Freshsales lets you easily conduct lead scoring and prioritize leads according to their ranks. This enables you to identify who is sales-ready and who needs more nurturing to ensure you put the right effort into the right task.
  5. Insightly – leading small business CRM that has more than 500,000 users worldwide. Apart from small businesses, this cloud-based CRM system also offers an enterprise-level solutions for multi-level companies.
  6. Zoho CRM – widely used web-based CRM solution designed to help businesses to attract, retain, and satisfy customers. You can link Zoho CRM to your customers’ Twitter and Facebook pages. Then, you can categorize them as contacts or leads, send invitations, and share comments to connect with them.
  7. Nimble – CRM software that helps users build better work relationships in a multi-channel world. It lets you focus on important matters such as customer engagement, data organization, and sales insights.
  8. PipelineDeals – simple and effective CRM solution that has become popular for its many useful features. The system is easy to use, yet offers robust functionality that enables users to execute even complex CRM processes. It is intuitive and user-friendly, and businesses can use it to create profitable long-term customer relationships.
  9. EngageBay – versatile CRM software that integrates sales, marketing and service activities into one platform. What makes EngageBay stand out from other CRM software is its affordability compared to more established CRM solutions in the market – its features include modules for email marketing, CRM, sales, live chat, and marketing automation. Having these features available for its price makes it a viable alternative for SMBs.
  10. NetHunt CRM – customer relationship management tool designed especially to optimize your G Suite for a unified CRM platform at your disposal. Drawing on the strengths of your Gmail account and Google apps, the app makes it easier for your sales team to manage all your sales and marketing campaigns, and even your customer service tasks, because everything can be done within this consolidated solution, without the need for separate third-party tools.
  11. Nutshell CRM – efficient and handy CRM solution that you can use to attract and retain customers. The system is designed for the needs of businesses of all sizes and in any industry. It stands out for its excellent analytics and reporting feature that is one of the best in the market.
  12. bpm’online CRM – process-driven CRM that helps users to combine customer data with business process management features to enhance their marketing, sales, and service efforts. It offers scalable features for both small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises.
  13. Adsoup – multi-platform sales CRM with a focus on unifying client and prospect communications. The software is directed towards SMEs based in Asia to assist them in monitoring their inbound leads and sales from all channels.
  14. Microsoft Dynamics CRM – designed to help companies market more smartly, and sell productively and effectively. The system offers useful features including business intelligence, social insights, and productivity with One Microsoft apps. You can choose to deploy the solution on-premises, in the cloud, or use a hybrid combination.
  15. SalesforceIQ – powerful CRM app that helps businesses to build stronger customer relationships. Its Relationship Intelligence technology spots meaningful actions, unifies your customer’s story, and enables productive outcomes. The technology automatically captures rich signals, analyzes data patterns to identify opportunities, and enables sales professionals to close more deals.
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