Advertising Network
Create and host your advertising campaigns, easily integrating them into different platforms, social networks and earn money by participating in partnership program

Easiest way to host your advertising

Advertising Network, where your own Token could be an only payment method. It could be launched whenever you need it and it will enable advertising and partnering opportunities for your users. Integrate it wherever you want and even earn money on partnership programs.

Host your advertising

Create advertising campaigns with unlimited amount of banners and host it on our service

Real Time Statistics

Keep track on your advertising campaigns by getting a real time statistic about usage, devices, sources and so on

Easiest Integration

It easy to integrate with different platforms, social networks and web-sites. 


We are created a partnership program for bloggers, webmaster, youtubers… It is easy to integrate and start earning coins with the partnership program 

Keep tracking. Anywhere. Anyway. Anytime.

We are providing a huge amount of information about your advertising usage. We are tracking devices, sources, conversion, efficient and geolocation.


Create your campaigns with audience targeting

Your advertising should be effective. And we care about it! Our advertising platform allows you to create advertising campaigns with flexible audience targeting


Create your banners in right way

We are developing flexible product which will be easy to use and it will help you to create banners in right way using right formats, size, name and link.

Integrate using simple HTML-code or using Public API

We are providing few different integration methods. You can take just HTML-code of any already styled banner and insert it in any website code. You also can get a banner or banners list using our Public API to get banners by targeting audience you interested in

Moderate created banner

No all users are follow the rules. For this purpose we created a moderation module which allows our moderators to eliminate unsuitable content or indicate a problems.

Manga Rates

All of us want to get fair prices. For that we created a pricing management tool, which allows us to create a sets of prices which are depends on different aspects

Manage Categories

All content should be categorized. We have such a tool which allows us to create custom content categories and extra charge for each category to make pricing more flexible.

Manage Allowed Banner Sizes

We want our users happy we are trying to keep them from errors. For that we have a tool which allows us to manage standard banner sizes

Manage Geolocation Settings

To set geolocation settings for advertising campaigns we are providing tools to preset Countries and Regions and manage theme including price changes based on geolocation

Public API for integration

To have a best user experience when integrating with us we are providing Public API which allows to get banner, list of banners and set targeting to get only content you want.

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