Ethereum based ICO Platform
We are introducing our Initial Coin Offering platform, which is a safe way to make your own ICO. It is available as a standalone product.

The platform consists of several independent components which are fully isolated and made to withstand high loads.


We are using latest technologies to provide the best user experience and fast responses on our clients requests.

Easy to use

The Platform is really easy to use, because of it separation. It allows us to automate processes and make it very easy to use.

Easy to Deploy

Each component is independent and it allows us to wrap it in Docker containers and deploy it in seconds on different servers.

FutureCoin ICO Platform –  Back-Office Features

Safe and Fast User Auth/Registration

We implemented a safe and user authentication and registration with real-time fields validation.


Also we added Two-Factor-Authorization to make it much harder to compromise user accounts and make fake transaction or stole users funds.

Initial Coin Offering Functionality

Initial Coin Offering page allows user to buy tokens easy and fast – all transactions will be conducted in the background by another part of platform.

User Profile and Monitoring Tool

User profile allows you to see and modify your personal data, to get your Ethereum address and to track all activity of your account. Ethereum address is hosted in your personal wallet on our service.


All transaction will be processed in background by our third-party secure and fast service. So you can be calm about your funds.

More Features

There is also another additional functionality available… stay tuned to get more!

All transactions are in background

We have a third party service which is a standalone part of our platform and this service is taking care about all transactions and operation in the system which allows us to make it safe and fast.

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